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Get notified when an update is detected on your favorite artist & art dealer sites. Never miss a new original comic art drop again!

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Super excited for this...it's exciting to see someone take the plunge to help us modernize the original art world!
- Scot

I’ve tried setting up these types of notifications before but they can be pretty complicated. Nerdcrawler makes it super easy to set up and get notifications.
- Jose

For $2 a month, it is kind of hard to not give it a shot...working very smoothly.
- Matt

Comic art website change detection and alerts

Good original art sells fast. Get alerts when your favorite art sites are updated to be the first to buy.

Email & Text Alerts

Get alerts when we detect changes

When a change is detected, we'll email you. If you upgrade, we'll also send a text alert.

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Easy to use

Strikingly simple to use

You'll be one of the first to know of new art drops so you can buy one-of-a-kind original art.

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Your Time Is Valuable

You shouldn't waste it refreshing sites for new art drops.

Estimate how much time and money you could save with Nerd Crawler.

🤯 We estimate it would cost you about $3,425 per month of your time to check for new art!

🎉 With Nerd Crawler, you would only spend $10 per month to get new art drops alerts.

💰 Nerd Crawler saves you $3,415 per month!

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Get instant alerts from your favorite art dealers, artists, and collectible sites!

Peace of mind

Set it and forget it.

Nerd Crawler will be on top of it.

Save yourself time

No more checking and re-checking —

go live your life.

Be the first to know

Beat the crowd on art drops and get pieces from your favorite artists.

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Fast monitoring + texts!

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Founder's Plan

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Why was Nerd Crawler built and how does it work?

Is it free to use?

What is the difference between the Starter Plan and Founder's Plan?

What does crawling mean and what is a crawler?

How often can I crawl a page on a website?

Can I test if my crawler works without being charged?

I received an alert but nothing new was on the site?

You're missing a site I use. Can you add it?

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