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Super excited for this - I'm an e-commerce person that collects original art and it's exciting to see someone take the plunge to help us modernize the original art world!

I’ve tried setting up these types of notifications before but they can be pretty complicated. Nerdcrawler makes it super easy to set up and get notifications.

Doing Gods Work 👏

Comic art website change detection and alerts

Get alerts when your favorite comic art sites are updated

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Get alerts when we detect changes

When a change is detected, we'll email you. If you upgrade, we'll also send you a text.

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How We've Helped So Far...


Site Integrations


Site Checks

over 1 year

Given Back Instead of Refreshing Websites

Sites We Integrate With

Albert Moy @ CAF

Anthony's Comic Book Art @ CAF

Art By Canucks (Nick Bradshaw & Danica Brine)


Artgerm's Online Store

Bernard Chang @ Big Cartel

Big Cartel

Bill Sienkiewicz Art

Cadence Comic Art

Comic Art House @ CAF

Cool Lines Art

Dustin Nguyen @ Big Cartel

Ed Benes

Ed McGuinness @ Big Cartel

Felix Comic Art @ CAF

Greg Capullo Art

Inky Knuckles

Jason Fabok @ Big Cartel

Jim Cheung @ Big Cartel

Kei Zama @ Big Cartel

Kirby's Comic Art

Kwan Chang @ CAF

Lee Weeks

Mark Morales @ Big Cartel

Matt Bataglia Comics and Illustrations

Mezco Toyz

Mike Deodato

Mike Mayhew Studio

Next Comic Art @ CAF

Nostalgic Investments

Paper Films (Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti)

Paul Pelletier Art

Romitaman @ CAF

Sean Murphy Art

Seconds @ Sideshow Collectibles


Skottie Young

Splash Page Comic Art @ CAF

Takeshi Miyazawa @ Big Cartel


The Art of Paul Smith

The Black Diamond Comic Art Gallery

Vik Bogdanovic @ Big Cartel

Will's Comic Art Page @ CAF

More sites added weekly!

Want to be added? Email us!

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go live your life.

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  • Up to 10 pages
  • Max frequency: 10 min.
  • Email & Text alerts

Founder Plan

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$50 /month
  • Up to 100 pages
  • Max frequency: 1 min
  • Email & Text alerts
  • Priority email support
  • Exclusive pricing


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$100 / 100K checks
  • Up to 100 pages
  • Max frequency: 1 min
  • Billed monthly
  • Priority email support


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  • Custom page limit
  • Max frequency: 1 min
  • Billed monthly
  • Priority email support


Why was Nerd Crawler built and how does it work?

Is it free to use?

What what does crawling mean and what is a crawler?

How often can I crawl a page on a website?

Can I test if my crawler works without being charged?

I received an alert but nothing new was on the site?

You're missing a site I use. Can you add it?

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