About Nerd Crawler

Nerd Crawler was founded in May 2022 by Chris Tung to help comic fans buy and sell original comic art.

Nerd Crawler's first product was our Crawlers, which use our propertiery technology to monitor original comic art sites and sends alerts when we detect an update. This has helped hundreds of comic fans buy original art from 80+ artists, artist reps, and websites.

After Chris talked with a bunch of Nerd Crawler users, he decided to build a first-of-its-kind auctions platform that would help fans buy and sell original comic art without any transaction fees. And, to protect buyers from auction bots and help sellers capture the true value of their auction, he made it so that every bid would add ten seconds to the end time. Auctions on Nerd Crawler was launched in August 2023.

Nerd Crawler founder Chris and Jim Lee Nerd Crawler founder Chris and Frank Cho

About Our Founder

My first memory with my dad was watching X-Men: The Animated Series, and since then, I've loved comics. I've been a collector of original comic art ever since I met Jim Lee and Frank Cho at Supercon 2007.

After building my career working at companies like Marvel, ComiXology, Amazon, and Google, I've decided to build Nerd Crawler to help grow this hobby that I love. I hope you find Nerd Crawler helpful as you buy and/or sell comic art, and if you ever want to reach me, I'm at chris[at]nerdcrawler.com

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