Make money when you refer someone to Nerd Crawler.

Your referrals get 20% off for the first 12 months!

You get 25% recurring affiliate commissions on anyone who uses your link and code on a paid plan!

How Our Program Works


days for your referrals to upgrade


how much your referrals save for their first 12 months


recurring commission to you on every payment from a referral

How much could I make?

You'll get 25% of every payment from your referrals as long as they have an active subscription. Check out the table below to see how your yearly earnings grow with more you refer!

Total referrals Referrals on Starter Plan ($10/mo/user) Referrals on Founder's Plan ($50/mo/user) Monthly Earnings Yearly Earnings
5 4 1 $23/mo $270/yr
10 8 2 $45/mo $540/yr
20 16 4 $90/mo $1,080/yr
40 32 8 $180/mo $2,160/yr
80 64 16 $360/mo $4,320/yr
160 128 32 $720/mo $8,640/yr
320 256 64 $1,440/mo $17,280/yr
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